Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twin questions....Random

Two questions I never get tired of.... How can you tell your girls apart? Are they twins or sisters? I giggle every time I get asked. Which is ALL the time.

1. They are fraternal. Though, when they are dress alike, I cant tell who they are when their back is to me. I just keep calling names until someone answers.

2. They are both; twins and sisters. I love the look I get when I answer that. Then when they break down in laughter with a oops is priceless.

But what's sad is when the twins tries to pull the switch when people dont know them well...SMH! You can tell that they are sisters if you enter a room full of children. They do look a like but one looks more like me and the other more like daddy. They are some slickters. I love them...



Owww I bet they have fun tricking people that don't know them that well. I always wanted a twin sister so I could do that.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

I think a lot of people want to do that. I know I did.