Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where did they go??

I was weighing in and posting my weight in my blog but it has disappeared. Well I weighed in Friday and I weighted 213.5. I am quited amazed. I am 13.5 lbs away from my first mini goal. I said in February that I wanted to go to 242 to 200 in about 6 months. I am headed there. I am just about there. I just have to keep pushing. I didn slack last week. I tell you that motivation thing is a bitch. I had all the motivation in the world and then one week of no exercising has really but a strain on me. Monday I am starting fresh.  The only way I am going to lose this weight is by determination. I feel great. I see the change. I feel the change. Now I just have to bring it. P90X week 5 here I come.

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