Saturday, January 29, 2011

Caring for Naturally curly hair.

I will be posting over the next few days some of my staples, recipes, and tips that I have learned since going natural. I started with a TWA (Tweenie Weenie Afro) back in October and now my hair is about ear lobe length.

What I have learned it to stay AWAY from youtube when it comes to caring for MY hair. I believe that everyone on youtube offer so much information and are very helpful BUT sometimes I tend to say well if it works for them it has to work for me. NOPE not at all. I do use youtube as a guide but I have found that the most valuable information that I received is from my hair. I am learning to listen to my hair and find what works for my hair.

In these next post, I will share with you some of the information that I have learned to help you learn your hair.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Also, I dont know if I shared this with you before but one of my children have allergies towards all tree nuts so I will be offering tips and recipes that will not include nuts but works great just the same with your hair.


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