Saturday, January 8, 2011

Contest time-Be creative!!

Sorry everyone that this post is late but I have been busy with school. But I was thinking of ideas on what I should do as a contest idea.

There are two contests.

Dress me or dress my room. Pick one. 

In this category, you will get the opportunity to suggest what should I wear for my husband's visit home on Rest and Relaxation leave (I want to pick him up from the airport...HOT HOT HOT!). You have to design an outfit that is size appropriate for my frame. All on a hundred dollar budget. You must submit pictures and websites. This challenge will include Shoes, outfit and accessories.

I'm a size 16 and 5'8.  (if you need any more details, please email me.)


Help accessorize my bedroom. I have new furniture in there but no accessories. I will take pictures of my furniture so it would give you ideas of what you are working with. You must submit pictures and websites. I wanted to get this post up because its late so I didnt post an actual picture of my furniture but this is the set I have. I will post pictures of my actual furniture (have to charge up my batteries for the camera). Also, I found some lamps at goodwill that needs to be refinished. I left them the way they are so that you can suggest what I should do with them.

You have to stay under $100 in both categories.  

Tell'em about me

This part is simple. Tell people about this blog. Mention Mom.Wife.Me on your facebook, myspace, blog, youtube, and twitter. Then post your link. Each mention is rewarded a separate entry. So if you mention it on 5 of those sites you get 5 entries. This selection will be picked randomly.

Prizes are as follows:

Contest 1. $25 Visa Card and a fashion style or home style book (depends on what option you decide to work with) from Barnes and noble.


Contest 2. $10 Visa Gift Card

-You MUST follow my blog.

-Please feel free to enter either or both contests BUT you can only choose one option from contest 1 (You can only choose to do fashion or home decor).

-Please send your Contest 1 entries to me. I will post them on them on a separate post. 

-Respond to THIS thread with your links taking about the contest. Remember for each mention, you can send a separate comment post. 

- This contest is open to United States and Canada only, please. 

-Contest ends January 31, 2011. 

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