Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new....habits that it.

Beyonce's Fitness trainer, Marco Borges, said in order to form
a routine, you have to stay consistent for 21 days. If you push
through the 21 days, the 22nd day will be second nature.  
I want to see if this reigns true. Day 5 on my 4 miles per day routine. I will be taking the weekend off so my body can have 
some rest. 

I also trying to eat 6 meals per day. Which is HARD for me. 
I dont take the time to eat. So now, I am trying a little extra effort in what and when I eat.  I am eating 2100 calories per day. People forget that if they add exercise to they lifestyle that 
their calories has to match their lifestyle. If you don't supply your body with the calories they it needs it will still hold on to what it has. Which will slow down your weight loss. I found that out the hard way. 

Also, The dietitian told me that everyone should eat within the first 30 minutes of waking
up. It assist with speeding your sluggish metabolism. Breakfast means we are breaking the 
fast. Our body needs the nutritions that it missed during our nightly fast. Since our body
isn't as high tech as we have evolved to, we have to treat it as the same old machine it was made to be. 

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