Monday, January 3, 2011

Queen of stockpile

Yes, My grandmother was the queen of stockpiling. A skill that I havent really grasp, yet. Though today I began. I tend to see great sales but dont buy because I dont need at the time. Well what about when I run out?!?! Then I will have to purchase later and miss the sale. I read that stockpiling during great sales is the way to go in this economy.

So anyway, I was looking on and found that they were having some GREAT sales for my household goods. Went out this morning to check it out. I didnt get much because I want to use to buying like this and not getting out of hand.

I did purchase two bottles of Sally Hanson nail polish at 1.49. That was all they had left. I would have bought more.

I got 4 tubes of toothpaste. Crest was BOGO a. Then I got two Walgreen brand of pro-health toothpaste for a buck and some change. I cant remember the exact price right now.

I got two cases of Dasani water for 2 for 6.

Two packs of toilet paper 2 for 6 and paper towel.

It isn't much but its a start.

Do you bulk shop? How do you do it? I dont have a wholesale store near me so actually shopping like this is a GREAT thing for a family of 5.

I want to get into coupon shopping. What about that? Do you have any secrets?

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Tasha said...

I started clipping coupons at one time and then i got lazy, and stopped b/c i would always forget about bringing them to the grocery store with me, but when i did bulk shop i would definately do tissue and toothpaste b/c those are the things that are used the most, and water...when we run out of bottled water it does not feel right in this house.