Saturday, January 1, 2011

Speaking of resolutions....

Since one of my resolutions was upgrading from being a sweats and sneaker girl, I need to get back to basics. A shopping I will go.

I need some new belts
Basic Tee and shirts
A cute pair of trouser jeans
I was told that everyone needs a little black dress. I dont own one. I need to add one or two.
Downgrade my nikes to some converse for those casual shopping and mommy days. 
I want more ballet flats...

I cant think of much else right now but I will be adding to this post when I think of. 

What are the basics in your closet?


Tasha said...

Hmm funny you should say all of this, i was thinking about blogging about "important things that a woman should always have" which since you posted this i guess i should do it as a follow up to yours, but i have a black dress in the closet but it is soooo not cute, i guess i can dress it up to make it cute, but i'd rather buy a sexier dress b/c black is my "FAVORITE" color....but yeah it's okay to have sweats and sneaks, but you have to upgrade...

Mom.Wife.Me said...

You know what's sad. I buy things but I just dont wear it. Like the big belts, I have tons but nothing less dressy. I have not real rhythm or season for my shopping. Plus losing a lot of weight, I decided to donate those clothes.

Yes, I'm with you. I need a SEXY black dress. But that's another issue I am trying to work on. I only wear black. You look in my closet it looks like a funeral.

I'm excited of my transformation. My husband is going to be shocked when he comes back home.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Rythme or Reason...EVEN LOL!!!