Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who watched the "The Game" on Tuesday???

GURRRL, I did and I wasnt even a fan. My sister in law was a HUGE fan and all she could talk about was the premiere on Tuesday. Talk about SOAP OPERA. WOW!!

So I have to say that the show has me interested enough to watch next week but ummm..

Ok. I will start with all the characters and share my thoughts.

Melanie: See, the heffa is crazy. I was too through with her when she snuck and took the DNA test. I thought she was supposed to be a sweet character. Then told that man the baby wasnt his to find out that he was actually the father. Melanie, you were wrong for that chick. Some Maury type stuff.

Derwin: Same ole Derwin. How come everyone else changed but Derwin is the same. HA!

Derwin baby mommy: She may be getting Derwin back after this one. Really you were being pity over a purse. WOW! Dont like you neither.

Tasha: LOVE HER but dont LOVE her new love interest. REALLY?? Terrance J. REALLY?? He is a good looking man but doesnt excite me. And whats up with you not talking to your ignant...Yep Ignant son.

Kelly: Im on the fence with her still. I just dont know yet. I like the naive Kelly. I dont know if bitter is a good look on her. She is looking fierce though.

Jason: He is my favorite. Even when I watched the show off and on 2 years ago. I just LOVE his character.

Malik: I actually like the wreak-less character because it brings the drama. I dont like him though. I think that his butt is going to be searching for a new team or going to hit rock bottom and searching for some sort of reform.

Tee-Tee: I like Tee-Tee, too. I actually like that they made him more of a influential character. Tee-Tee reminds me of a lil cousin. He just have that vibe. I think that he is going to hem that Malik up, though. Not physically but he is going to get pay back.

Brittany: I think they made her look too old. I am not sure if I like the character or not yet. Though, she probably will not be a regular on the show anyway.

Who am I forgetting....

Can't remember Terrance J character name. I like his old lady vibe. I am looking forward to him being on the show even though his sex appeal isnt there like the show intended...

The show looks like its taking a soap opera appeal which I dont mind at all. Then again I watch the soaps when I have the opportunity.

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Tasha said...

okay well my take on the show is somewhat similar to yours:

Mel i like her, but i can't stand the jealous side of her, why not just let it go!

Derwin: Same ol derwin

Derwin Baby Mama: Sad to say i honestly was hoping the baby wasn't his

Tasha Mack: None other than the best for the show, but i'm with you on Terrance J, he's too young for her strong personality

Kelley: Loving the newfound her but not sure how it's going to play out the remainder of the season

Brittany: Yea too old for the show, they should have kept the old Brit-Brit, atleast she would have fit the age part now

Tee Tee: I so love tee-tee he makes the show as well but i know he's gonna helm malik up real good all the stuff he got on him since he was his assistant

Malik: Not liking his character this dirty but it does make for a good show...but he better beware@