Sunday, March 20, 2011

52 Week Financial Challenge-Week 1
I did this challenge (adapted from youtube) last year and I want to do it this year. March equinox  occurs today marking the beginning of spring which marks a new beginning. 

One of my goals is to become better at my savings. Hello, My name is Dana and I am a shopaholic! 

 In 52 weeks you can save $1378 by saving money each week. All you need to do is save the same amount as the week you are on.

Week 1= $1
Week 2=$2 
So on and so forth. 

Feel free to add more to your savings but please to the minimum. At the end of this challenge do what you like with the money; vacation, IRA, Saving, down payment of a car or home project. 

I will come on EVERY week to remind you to save. If you want to participate with me. 

Now, go grab your dollar, 4 quarters, or what ever you have. Put it aside!

Do you think you can do it?

If you plan to do this with me, leave a comment and we can do this together. 


Jessica said...

I'm a day behind but I am totally interested in doing this challenge. This is a great idea!

Dana said...

Hi Jessica!

It's never too late. Thanks for joining me.

Tasha said...

ok ma'm i am like 4 wks behind, but i am down for the challenge, i just saw you post it on facebook...But hey better now than never. I'm going to repost thsi to my blog....

Dana said...

Never too late to save money!!!!Glad to see you join me.

candice said...

so if we just joined much money do i need to save to catch up?? on week 52 do you put $52 aside?

Dana said...

Yes, On week 52 you put $52 away. Put 15 bucks aside to catch up.