Monday, August 22, 2011

The best moisturizer for my natural hair...

Yep, Water is the best moisturizer for my hair. Plain ole H20. My hair is loving my new moisturizer routine.

What am I doing?

Well I mist my hair 2x a day with plain ole water. Before I start my day and before bed. If I feel that its dry, I spray it and put on a plastic cap. It really depends on how long I keep it on but I at least keep it on about 15-20 minutes. The best part is that its FREE.

Do I still use sealant such as grease, oils, or even moisturizer with oils and vitamins? Yes.

I mainly use shea butter as a sealant because I like how it makes my hair feel. its so soft after applying. I use moisturizers and stylers as styling aid for like twist outs and to use as a barrier when I use gels. I take vitamins so I don't seek out products that have vitamins since I take them orally.

I'm getting there with a routine. I will be posting some of my favorite conditioners and shampoos shortly.

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