Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hair goals-Natural hair milestone

In October, I will celebrate a year of being completely natural. I did my big chop on my birthday. After months and months of being scared, I finally straightened my hair and I was shocked. My hair went from a itty bitty afro to a little shoulder length. I didn't realize my shrinkage was so tight.  I don't have good pictures but I will post what I have. I gave my camera to hubby and I havent gone to get a new one. I will try to have some more before a wash if I don't sweat it completely out.

But anyway...

I need easy protective style ideas. I can cornrow but not the greatest and I don't like spending too much time doing my hair 30 mins to an hour max and that's a lot. Soooo I will be exploring and experimenting and sharing. I am going to do one style on Saturday or Sunday and it has to last me a week. I will also update my regime. Yep, I have changed it again.

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