Friday, August 5, 2011

Product Review: Garneir Fructis Blow Dry Balm

Straightening Balm with Argan oil

If you have been hanging in there with me, I wrote a post about blowing out my hair and being nervous about the heat damage. 

While on my quest of finding products I found one that I would like to share. 

I will be reviewing on my initial reaction. I have only used this product once but I did use it on myself and my girls.  

Right now, I think that I will give it 3.5 out of 4 stars.

Yeah I know talk about the product already....

By the way I paid for this and was not sent to give review. I picked this up from Walmart. I cant remember how much I paid for it but when I searched on ine the price range was 2.50 to 3.50

This is what the company claims: 

Style with Heat. For the Perfectly Straight Sleek.

    Is it right for me?
    This powerful straightening balm with argan oil from Morocco makes it easier to blow dry your hair, while creating a weightless, humidity-resistant barrier to frizz for lasting smoothness and shine.

    How do i use it?
    DIRECTIONS: Squeeze a small amount of balm into hand. Rub hands together, work through damp hair and blow dry. For best results, use the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine System of shampoos and conditioners.

Since this product claimed to be 24 hour frizz resistant I was curious. On Monday, I blow dried and flat ironed my hair and then put it in a french braid. The next day I went out in the humid heat of Texas. I don't have the frizz yet. Though my girls do have the frizz about 4 days later. I even did a little yard work. The different may have been was the fact that I kept my hair pinned up in some sort of way. The girls just HAD to have it out with a headband. 

I do not know how this product works alone because I still used a Oil protectant as well but I have to say that it still gets a thumbs up for me. I do not know how their straightening kit works. I was not interested in that kit. But I did see that their was a straightening kit. 

I haven't washed my hair yet to see my curls but I can see that the girls hair is starting to curl. I will post an update if I see my curls dont bounce back but I seriously doubt I have that problem. I dont use the highest heat on my hair dryer nor my flat iron. I didn't look for a bone straight result I was just looking to see how much my hair has grown out. 

  • Well for those who do not like Cones, this product isn't for you. I like it because I believe that a Cone is needed in using heating tools in your hair. If you are moisturize well before you add this product to  your hair this product will act as a barrier to protect the from the heat.
  • It is thick like a good conditioner. I like the thickness. 
  • non-greasy
  • Did not care for the perfume smell. It wasn't my taste. I rather products that tend to be more fruity than perfumey. If that makes sense. 

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