Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My husband is home and update

One of the hardest parts of being a military family is the long deployment. Well we just survived a deployment. There were a few scares but thankful my husband is back and my family is really having a ball getting reacquainted.

I am on my last leg of school. I will graduate in February with my bachelors in management. I will take a mini-vacation until August and return to complete my masters in counseling. I am super excited. I am petitioning to graduate in the next few days. YAY!!!!

My birthday is coming up October 7th and I am super stoked.Its the first time in years that my husband has been able to be home for it.  I am going on a mini-vacation and I will be documenting through pictures to share with you.

My husband just completed his Masters and now working to go back to get another masters in physician assisting. I am really proud of my hunny. Please keep us in your thoughts while he applies to the program. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! ;)

The kids are doing well. Though I do have to say that their social calender is more active than my own.

Nothing much really going on and I am starting to get more active on Twitter to keep you posted on what I am doing. I know I love social media to be social so if you are interested, please follow me. I love new friends. I was a facebook addict but I think that I am finally finding my way on Twitter.

Okay! So I think that is all that is going on with me. Well I have been doing my fall gardening which makes me VERY happy and feel at peace.

Talk to you soon. I will be post a few more things and then I will see you next week with my birthday pictures and such.


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