Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shea Moisture Curling Souffle

shea moisture curling souffle gel
9.99 for 12 oz @ Walgreen
Last Thursday, I swung by Walgreens to check out Shea Moisture Curling Souffle. I have seen a few reviews on the product and I wanted to let my "hair" review it also.

Friday I washed, deep conditioned, and trimmed my ends (People ask all the time how have I retained so much length and I contribute a lot of it to my trims; which I do regularly ). After the trim I decided that I wanted to wear a twist out with this product.

The morning after my twist out was GORGEOUS!!! (I dont have great pictures. I tried to give you a close view. I should have just asked my husband to help me out or just pulled out my camera and not my cell phone.) My hair had a beautiful shine and a lot of body. I did have some shrinkage but my hair was twisted in a wet state.  I figured that the shrinkage would be intense but dont get me wrong I LOVED it.

 In these pictures, I had just taken out my twist. I have not used any oils yet. Actually, I didn't add oil at all because it had a the shine it needed.

I have used many many different gel and the only one that I have become fond of over this past year is KCCC.
Kinky Curly Curling Custard (8 oz.)
Shea Moisture actually has me liking a new gel. For my hair, the CS doesnt give me an issue with product build-up. If you have used KCCC before you know that you can not use this product with much because it will cause a bad build up.  I used loreal's leave-in conditioner and I had no issues with CS.

Also, With the CS, I didnt have issues with stiff or hard hair (KCCC makes my hair stiff and hard. I would have to apply oil to soften). However, I did have an issue with it being a little sticky for the first few days. This is actually the only con that I have toward this product. It has maintained a soft bouncy look so far and its Wednesday.

Curling Souffle

Curling Custard

You get more for the money! CS is 10 bucks for 12oz Versus CC for 10 bucks for 8 oz.

If you are looking for hold with this product, you may have to add a lil ecostyler (or your favorite gel) to this product for more hold.

Also, My curls loved it. I will wear a wash and go soon and share pictures. Its kind of cold in Central Texas. The temperature will be rising later this week. If not, I will take pictures of my hair before washing and twisting, this weekend.

Will I purchase again? Yes. Despite the stickiness, I really like this product.

SIDENOTE: I usually twist my hair up before bed to maintain some of the definition. Last night I also added a little Mimosa Hair Honey for a lil oil and frizz protection. I still think its pretty. If you have any questions, please ask away!!!
Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey
Shaggy was looking and feeling good after his hair cut. ;)

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