Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to tell if your curly hair needs more moisture

 especially in the winter. Well this is one way that I can tell with the ladies in my house hair. 
I can tell that our hair is hungry for moisture based on our curl pattern most of the time. When our curls are more fizzy and has less bounce its usually a good indicator for us. Soon as I add that extra moisture back in our hair the curls are smooth and has beautiful shine, again.  

Well since the fall is here I have noticed that I need to add extra moisture. For the girls, it is as simple as adding a co-wash midweek and for myself adding more deep conditioning with the heat of my hooded dryer to my routine. I don't  co-wash often for my hair because my scalp really doesn't like it. The co-washing for the girls makes their hair so bouncy and has a great sheen.

One thing to remember with your hair is that moisture is not mineral oil or any other oil. They are sealants. I believe that is why people believes that oils dry their hair out. Not so much that its drying their hair out but its just coating already dry hair blocking any moisture from being adsorb from the atmosphere.

The key is finding a  good moisturizer is a product that offers you water as the first ingredient. I tend to purchase moisturizers that do not have mineral oil because I want to lock the oil in my hair myself.  I am not against oils in products but I want to add the oils to my hair when I feel that I have delivered enough moisture  I personally believe that if the product already has a sealant then I can not add more moisture because it has already placed a seal on the strands. But that is just me. There are also a lot of products on the market that does offer this and is affordable. I realize people are very concerned about doing product broke. You just have to read the label.

Once I have added my desired moisture to my hair, I seal. Seal your hair with whatever your hair likes. But one thing that I suggest is to not oil your scalp. You body and hair produces natural oils and its no need to oil the scalp.

People also tend to forget that when we are not drinking enough water our body, skin, and hair suffers. So make sure that you are drinking plenty of water.

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