Friday, December 16, 2011

Essence VS. Natural Hair Vloggers

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me. C. R. E. A. M Get the money, dollar, dollar bill y'all"

Just six months ago,  acknowledged that "Natural Hair Vloggers are More Influential Than Ever." Now there is a uproar about the article written in their recent issue. The article actually doesn't anger me because I believe that every one/company has to have a hustle. I am paraphrasing the statement but it pretty much stated that individuals looking to transition and/or go natural to avoid YouTube but look to websites such as and 

Listen to one Vlogger's point of view of the latest issue. 

Hey, why encourage readers to seek out vloggers, hundreds as stated in their article in June, when that traffic can be detoured to them. It's business. Walmart tell consumers everyday that they are better or cheaper than Target or Kmart. Vloggers, like myself, have to keep doing what they're doing because that one statement is not going to stop people  from seeking out help from YouTube or any other website. 

I believe that in any case, readers/viewers should use caution when taking tips or advise about their hair when it has not been looked at or studied. This includes tips from Essence or anyone else. I'm the first to say that everyone should take hair advice received and study, experiment, and come to their own conclusion. That even goes for information that is offered by Essence. There is no Holy Grail of natural hair and all hair and body types are unique. 

Ultimately, Essence did something that any company would do. They encouraged their services and tried to detour readers from other websites. Reader and Viewers must be educated. Learn, study, and read about your hair. Heck, Google can even provide you with some of the information that will help you be an informed viewer/reader.

Bad publicity, Good publicity...All publicity! 

How many people do you think went to YouTube to check out what is going on at YouTube. I mean for a company such as Essence to mention them in the article there must be something going on out there. Also, did pay to advertise in that article? Things to think about. Dont be discouraged keep doing what you are doing because there are people out there looking for that youtube "girlfriend" (thats what I call my vlogger buddies, my YouTube girlfriends) to encourage and help with their journey back to their natural hair state. 

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