Friday, March 23, 2012

So I am trying the CG Method

Curly Girl The Handbook - Second Edition 

If you look at YouTube or read a lot of blogs, you have probably have heard of the CG method like I have. I was thinking the other day that since I wear my hair mostly in wash-n-go's (curly), I thought that I should read up on the CG method. I purchased the e-reader version of this book to see how my routine related to this method. I realized that my current routine was quite similar to what I was already doing. I already use a sulfate free and natural cleansers. I also use a conditioner that ingredients that have oils as the top five ingredients. The only real difference is the steps that I use during my cleansing process. I will describe my new process, new results, talks a little about the book and answer a few questions that I had before I really started this process.

My New Process:

I havent dC'd yet since I only do them once a month. I will talk about that when I DC.

Before washing my hair, I prep my hair with a pre-poo. I do not let it sit for a really only time but at least 30 minutes to an hour.

After pre-pooing, I jump in the shower and then apply Amala Creme Rinse. I massage my scalp and run the creme through my strands. I, then, let it sit well I bathe. When I'm finished bathing, I rinse from head to toe.  Since Amala Creme Rinse gives my great slip, I finger detangle while applying.  I don't  use a comb. I am heavy handed and me and a comb have a rough time together. :)

Prior to getting out of the shower, I apply a generous amount of Moist Condition 24.7 to my hair, only adding water to help distribute through out my hair. 

Then I style leaving conditioner in my hair. According to CGM, we must use a condition that is packed with water and oils as the first few ingredients. I avoid deep conditioners and protein as my final conditioning aid. 

In the book, it states that the more and more you do this method the less and less you will need styling aids, such as gel. I am not at this stage quite yet because my curls are fizzy when hair is completely dry. I also use oils to seal my ends. You can also use a water soluble natural grease. I also use to grease my scalp after lightly misting throughout the week. 

A tip that I got from this method is right before I begin my hair cleansing process to put my styling products in the freezer or Fridge before applying. Also to avoid gels with alcohol. I am still using my KKC. I love that stuff.

I am all about less time spend in my hair and this whole process may take 15-20 minutes. I do not rake gel in my hair I scrunch it.  So my process with that is about 5 minutes. 

It may take longer if I decide to dry my hair but when the weather is nice I just allow it to air dry. 

I will keep you posted on how I like this process. It will probably be by the end of next month. 

My Result:

Like I stated before, my hair doesnt clump well without gel so I end of with lots of frizz. I am currently using gel until I see that my hair doesnt need it anymore. According to the book, it will happen soon as my hair gets use to this process. We will see!! 

I want to also state that my hair has a natural s curl and corkscrew pattern. You can not make your hair curl if it does not curl naturally.Also If you have a Zig Zag pattern, your hair will not change to a different pattern. In turn, all results may vary. 

Also, make sure that your hair is trimmed. The less breakage the better the results.

The Book:

I think that the book is very helpful. It talks about hair that is from a very loose curl to a very tightly coiled head. The author also had someone else who is experienced in tightly coiled hair to write a portion that referenced tightly coiled hair. I also enjoy that the author did not push her products. She provided information that assisted you to find products that may work for your hair. Thoughout the e-reader version, there were little videos to aid in the directions. For those who want to see what she is actually referencing too. There are also recipes for hair concoctions to help with different things that may be needed in your hair. 

I believe this a great tool and buy. I would recommend to book to anyone looking to explore this method. 



This girl on youtube named summry1988 just did a vid on the CG method. I tried it when
I first went natural and my hair was so dry. I am gel girl too,

Dana Coates said...

I didnt have the issue with dryness but I did read that some people did. If I do get itchy or dry scalp, I pill out a spritz bottle and my almond oil grease. That usually does that trick. When I tried it with no gel it looked ok until I woke up that next morning. HOT MESS. The book had a few recipes for hair. I will be trying a few and telling you know how they work for me.