Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's your skin undertone?

A bit ago, I wrote about spring makeup trends. Then I realized that one of the hardest thing about finding makeup is finding makeup that is suited for your skin tone. Below is a test that I adapted for you. 

1. Turn your arm over. What color are your veins?
a. Blue
b. Green
2. Which clothing colors tend to look best on you?
a. Blues and purples
b. Yellows and oranges
3. Do you burn it in the sun, or do you tan?
a. I tend to burn
b. I tan very easily
4. Which type of jewelry tends to look best on you?
a. Silver
b. Gold

If you answered more A’s you have a cool undertoneA pale, rosy, ebony, or dark-red cast to skin usually indicates that you have a cool tone.You are able to wear eye shadows that have shades of silver, grey, pink, white, and those lovely jewel tones. When picking out lipsticks look for reds that have blue undertones. Your foundation should have a hue of pink.  

If you answered more B’s you have a warm undertone. When shopping for eye shadows, you will find that those coppers, golds and bronzes are just gorg against your skin. Lip sticks with orange undertones work best. Foundation usually works best with yellow-based colors. 

Then again, you may be a neutral tone. This means that you look great in almost anything. 

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