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Slimkicker a level-up game and point-based weight and health maintenance program review

About a year ago, Christine over at Slimkicker gave me a heads up about a website her team was working on and wanted me to be on the look out. If its about my weight, healthy, and if it's a healthy situation, I would love to try or check out the product or service. 

Well, a few weeks ago, I received another email from Christine telling me that the website was up and running. Of course I went over to check it out. 

First the website's version of their FREE service. That's right, a FREE service!

About SlimKicker

Turn your weight loss and fitness goals into a level-up game

SlimKicker was formed to solve a huge problem when it comes to losing weight, or living healthier: sustaining motivation. Many people makes resolutions to stop eating junk, or start going to the gym every New Year. But once March or April hits, we forget about our goals, and return back to our old ways.
That's why we created SlimKicker, a level-up game and point-based program. You start by tracking your diet, where whole foods are worth more points than processed foods. It's similar to Weight Watchers, but in reverse.
But diet, and fitness are half of the battle. Most people regain weight because they never learn long-term habits. We solve this by taking habits as quitting soda, and turning them into 7-30 day challenges. Like a regular game, the challenges start out easy, and gradually become harder, with more points. We encourage you to check-in daily with others doing the same challenge for accountability and social support.

Now my Take. 

The Good! 
            This website has a  Facebook/twitter type vibe. I really like that. Once you create a free account, you are able to log your food, exercise and weight. You can blog, join groups, challenges, and add friends.

 All food, exercise, and challenges that you log are worth points. Like Weight Watchers, They have a point system. The difference is that you get points rather than lose points, in a sense. Not to take anything away from W.W. I was a member and I loved it. You can also use this program a long side any plan that you are currently working on. 

All the points you earn goes toward your level completion. At the beginning of each level, you set a reward you want to earn at completion of each level.  Each level has a set amount of points. I cannot remember how many points are needed each level. Right not I have 2386. I am on the second level. I am 95% complete of reaching my goal.  

In a sense, you are playing a weight loss game. If you have a buddy, you can make it into a contest or challenge. I am working toward earning points for a spa pedicure. YIPEE!!! Set any goal you want. This is just a want to make it fun and a little competitive. Being a competitive person, I like winning my points.

 There are also challenges you can participate in to earn, I believe, 500 points once the challenge is over. I completed 3 challenges: move slow, meditate, and throw your sneakers on and workout.

I forgot to mention that when you log your food, there is a nutrition chart that tracks your stats. You have a baseline of how much sugar, protein, and etc, you need to eat and have eaten thus far.  I realized that I have a problem with sugar. I eat food that is high in sugar and didn't even realize it. My favorite instant oatmeal is like WOW!!! The better you eat more more points you get. Even if you eat something that's not so good, you will earn at least 1 point for logging it.  I believe that once I earned like 30 points for eating a salad. But got only 1 point for eating that Easter peanut butter chocolate egg.

The Bad

I only have one point five negative things that I have to say about this site. They don't offer an Android App, yet. They do have it for iPhone, though. I am not always near a computer. Actually rarely in front of a computer, so remembering to log in has been a challenge. I can still get on with my phone but some of the website is jumbled and hard to navigate. 

Since, the website recently launched in March, logging foods is a little annoying because there is a lot of stuff that is not in there yet. You can add it but if you are in a hurry, that can be a pain. Also adding it from my phone is a pain.

Wish List for the website.

Some of the things that I wish the site had was a UPC scanner when the android program comes out. I would LOVE that.

 If you head over and join, come find me...momwifeme 

I hope you enjoy the site. Congratulations to the Slimkicker team on a great launch!!! 

I may have forgotten a few things to add about the website but please forgive me. That may be an awesome opportunity for you to check  it out for yourself. Talk to you later. 

Remember #teamgethealth

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