Sunday, April 1, 2012

So far on the Curly Girl method.

IMAG0230.jpgI believe that I have been using the CG method about 2 or 3 weeks so far. I wanted to give you my take on this process, so far. 

1. The first thing that I have noticed is that I use a good bit of conditioner. I read that the longer I am on this method the less conditioner I will need. 

2. More Frizz. Im not too sure why but I do have a  more frizz. I control that frizz with a little gel-Kinky Curly Custard. I put the gel in the freezer while I am in the shower. Works GREAT cold. 

3. Less shedding. I have so much less shedding. I still shed. Remember that is normal but I can say that I shed less. I exclusively finger detangle. Works better for me. 

4. Though I do have more frizz (will be trying new conditioner), my curls are more tight. I am looking more like a poodle. My hair is a combination of  s-shaped and corkscrew curl. It may start as a corkscrew but ends as a s-shaped curl. Then I have some places where it is corkscrew mainly in the back area.  My hair seems to be getting a tighter curl, like it is more light weight. The pictures that I included is of wet hair with my conditioner (Shea Moisture, the one in the black bottle and KCC). 

I recently trimmed my ends and my hair seems to like this method even more now. I believe that regular trims are a must. Trimming like 2 to 3 months. I trim about 1 to 3 inches. 

 My hair so sooooo soft. This may be the cause of the frizz, I cant stop touching my hair. I have been getting SO many compliments on my hair, also. 

I absolutely love the tighter curl and the more shrinkage doesn't bother me at all. Throughout the week it does loosen but my hair is holding the wash and go longer with the tighter and more shrunken curl. My hair is actually shoulder blade length when stretched. We all know how that goes. LOL!!! Sorry that you cant really see the definition in the curl. 

I think I will keep up with this method. I will also start exploring some of the recipes that the book offers. I will share some of the recipes and my hair results soon. I just have to find a health food store near me that offers itmes that I need. I really want to stop online shopping for hair products. 

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