Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on my experience with the CG Method.

 The pictures included is of my hair 70% dry.

Well, I think about a month probably more has passed that I have implemented the CG method to my routine. As of today, I LOVE my hair. I LOVE what this method is doing to my hair. I LOVE the compliments that I get from people when they see my hair. Even when I wasnt using CG, I got questions or compliments. This honestly made going natural easier. Now the questions are, what are my products, how to I get such bouncy Q's, and all the time I get asked for advise. Makes a girl feel good.

The best part about this method. MAINTENANCE FREE. I honestly just wash and go!! Like yesterday after my workout, I hopped in the shower, co-washed, and was out the door to get the kids. Simple!!! This is WHAT I LOVE!!

What I dont like about this method? My hair's favorite products are not available locally and shipping takes so long. Well my conditioner, at least. With more co-washing, I use more conditioner. Make be I should look into making that myself. At least I know that it is ALL natural like I prefer it with all the ingredients I LOVE!! I went back to my castile soap for shampoo and I am fine with that. I actually use it as a clarifier.

Using this method I do get a lot of shrinkage. I dont mind though. I like my shrunken length. Easy maintenance. I am all about easy. When my hair is stretched I have about a little more than shoulder length but when I am sporting it curly, its about ear length.

When I first started this journey, I needed gel. I had a lot of frizz. I believe it was because I wasnt leaving in enough conditioner. Now, I use gel if I want hold for a long period of time. I sleep wild so even with a bonnet or whatever I need some added protection.

SN: When I do use gel, I will spritz with water the next morning. Then I shake and go. If I am wearing gel, I will wear my hair like this for at least 4 days then wash. If no gel, I am washing the next morning because the head is looking rough from my sleeping habits. 

One thing that I havent been doing that is suggested was pre-pooing. I honestly forget about it. I havent really deep conditioned neither. Two things that I will try to incorporate in the coming days and weeks. I will share if I see a difference. I am still trimming my hair. I believe this is the key.

Sooooo, so far so good.

Next coming days I will be experimenting with hair and body recipes and I will share. I really wanted to try hair exfoliating with brown sugar and grape seed oil. I will let you know.

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