Friday, May 11, 2012

Pooka Pure and Simple Review

Last month, I recieved 2 products from Pooka Pure and Simple in my CurlKit. 

This product has was just OK. This hair butter, of course, has shea butter and olive oil. It also has lavender and rosemary essential oils. I used it to seal my hair. It worked well but I am thinking that the sample size was too small (.25 oz) to really get a good idea of what it could truly do. It retails for $14 for 4 oz. In my opinion, it is a bit pricey.   I am not a huge fan of shea butter and olive oil makes my hair hard. I didnt have an issue with my hair being hard with use. If you are looking for a good natural grease and you like the those two ingredients, you may really like this pleasant smelling product. 
This product I LOVED. Though I didn't use it as it was intended, I loved it nevertheless. This product is intended to replace the need for vaseline. It is suggested to be used on your elbows, knees, and face which I didn't care for personally. I DID love it for my lips. I use as under my lipsticks or alone.  I love the basil smell. Will I purchase later? No. I don't believe that this item is price friendly. It retails for 10 bucks for 4 oz. 

Overall, I believe that both products are decent I just didnt care of the price vs what you get. Great product to sample. They do offer samples. The samplers are $5 and you will recieve (4) 0.25 oz of the whipped cream or butters. 

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