Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to keep your car smelling fresh

I don't know if I am the only one in the world but I hate those tree thingy in my rear view. But, I love getting in my truck when it is smelling like that new leather or new car scent. As browsing the internet, I found a few different ways to freshen up your cars without the ugly trees. I just had to share the tips with you...

1. Bath Salts.... sew or purchase a sachet and fill it with your favorite scent. Then place the sachet under the passenger seat.

2. Wax Tarts... You can find them at Walmart or even specialty stores such as Yankee Candle. Pfullace the tart in your cup holder. Be mindful of the area you leave in...the wax may melt in the summer.

3. Tissue paper and fresh herbs... Place the fresh herbs in the tissue paper and place under the seats. As the herbs dry the more you will smell.

4. Essential oils. You can either shake a few drops on your car mats or shake some drops on those old tree fresheners and place under the seat.

If these work for you, let me know.

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