Thursday, July 9, 2009

Its been a while but ...shit I have no real reason I been gone so long

All my life I start and stop diets. I havent been fat all my life but I have always been on the thicker side. I guess that's what you can say. Well, I realized a few things and I want to share;

I am not writing this for anyone but myself. Its something that I can read every now and then when I feel that I want to give up.

1. Dieting don't work. Point blank. When you take food away, one day you are going to want that food and you are going to eat that food. Then you may just eat TOO much of that food.

2. Eat what you want. If you want a piece of cake. Get that piece of cake. I didn't say a hunk or chunk of cake but a piece....reasonable piece!

3. Drink 8 oz of water before every meal. Its a lil secret that helps you eat less. Not only that just drink your water, all day! When you have that urge to snack on that candy bar, go sip on water and get you a piece of gum. Get them toxins out your body....The more you drink the more you are visiting the bathroom. That goes for your fiber, too. Lets be real here. We all go poop. You need to be pooping. Get that fiber in too. I take a fiber supplements. I actually take a multi-vitamin as well. Before you go taking all this herbal stuff, Take to your doctor. They will help you. That's what you are paying your insurance for remember?!?!

4. Damn, slow the hell down. Give your brain a chance to realize you are eating and to time react. Enjoy your food!!!

5. Exercise. Another one you shouldn't avoid. You NEED at least 30 minutes. Dont be lazy just get up and do it. You need to raise that heart rate and bust a sweat. Its as easy as walking in the evenings. Its too hot you say, well go to the mall and walk it a few times. Walk around it about 2 times, window shop. When you finish then you know where all the sales are and THEN you can go shopping.

6. Pray about it. Ask the Lord to help ya out a lil. Some may be like...pllllease! But really, you pray about everything else. Ask the Lord for strength to get through this.

7. Leave your excuses at the back door. I have 3 year old twins, a first grader, I'm in school full time and a Army husband that is never home. I make time for 30 minutes. Remember if you don't love yourself first, how can you love the people around you the way you think they desire. I'm just saying.... man, its time to see the beauty in yourself and take care of YOU.

8. Write down what you eat. I think most of my weight is coming off because I am being accountable for what I eat. I actually have an account on It's wonderful. I log my food, activity, and weight. Seeing that my efforts are working. That feels good. You can even pull it up on your phone.

9. This one is my biggest problem. You didn't get fat with a food buddy. You don't NEED a workout buddy. I have been going to the gym daily. Doesn't mean that I LOVE going. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy going with a friend. But you cant depend on a friend to get that weight off. Get you a walkman, Ipod, or even a magazine or book. Change up your workout. Don't get bored with your routine. Do searches online on the different things you can do at the gym or home.

10. Please Please Please, Dont give up. You desire to make yourself healthier. If you have a break in your plans and miss going to the gym one day. Go the next day or even get on youtube, turn on the radio, or CD and dance. If you over eat one day. Its ok. The best of us have bad days. Just eat the damn thing and move on. Dont sit and be gloomy about it. You made a mistake and now its time to move on.

11. Dont get on that damn scale everyday. That scale can be the enemy. When you are weighting yourself everyday, you begin to expect certain things. Pick a day and weight in. Write it down. It you lose weight, thats great. If you didn't, dont get discourage. See what you are doing and how you can improve on it.

12. Dont believe the hype. Being healthy is not expensive. For the most part, Water is free. Though, I dont care for tap water but I will drink it if I dont have my favorite brand. I just put some in the freezer get it real cold and DRINK. Portion control, that's free. Actually that might even save you some money. Read labels. See how much you are supposed to be eating. Bargain shop, clip coupons, catch the sales, you can do it. Remember you dont need diet food in order to lose weight. You need self-control. It can be HARD. Yes, HARD. But remember stay focused and you can do it. Dont expect perfection. Expect reality and gain knowledge on all that you do.

13.I am not saying be skinny. BE HEALTHY! What ever that size may be to you, just keep your heart and body healthy!

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