Monday, August 10, 2009

Addicted to.....

I am not addicted to drugs. No so much with shopping but I am truly addicted to food. I am not one that eats based on emotion. I love food. I love almost all food. Food is like my drug. Going out to eat is even heavenly to me.

What do I do? Admit that I have a problem...

Hello, My name is Dana and I am addicted to food.

Are you a addict?

Do you have a ?

Fixation With Food: You think about food all the time and you are always planning your next sugar high.

The Problem: You've designed your lifestyle around food and make it one of your top priorities.

The Answer: Change your lifestyle to include activities that don't revolve around food. Exercise, for example, is one way to get a similar high as you would from eating sugar.

This is me most of the time. I wake up thinking about food.

Secret Binges. Food addicts often hide food or only binge when they are alone.

The Problem: You're only fooling yourself. You won't win the weight loss battle if you continually sabotage yourself. It's faulty thinking.

The Answer: Eat scheduled meals at the dinner table. Don't keep food in your car, desk or nightstand. Lock your purse in the trunk when you go out so drive-thru restaurants aren't accessible. Find someone who will hold you accountable.

I dont sneak. I eat and dont care who watches.

Eat Until the Food is Gone. Some people were raised to clean their plates and they have a hard time breaking the habit. You lack control to stop eating.

The Problem: Even healthy foods, when consumed in large quantities, pack a lot more calories than your body needs.

The Answer: Put your health first. Prepare meal plans and only eat what is on your plate. Measure foods out ahead of time into single serving packages.

ME ME ME ME!!!!! Small meals all day. It works!!!!

Feeling Guilty. Food addicts tend to feel guilty after indulging in too much of the wrong foods.

The Problem: It can turn into a vicious cycle of feeling bad, overeating, feeling guilty and eating some more.

The Answer: Stop the yoyo dieting cycle. Don't allow yourself to get sucked in by the guilt. Forgive yourself, ask for support and get right back on your program.

I have learned this and it actually works for me.

Soothe Emotions. Typically a food addict will push down unpleasant feelings with food. Not just any food, but comfort foods. Ever have a fight with your mom or spouse and immediately hit the freezer for the container of ice cream? You try to relive the feelings without actually dealing with the problem.

The Problem: Food is a temporary fix. When it wears off you will feel worse and the original problem remains.

The Answer: Tackle problems head-on. Don't let thoughts fester and eat away at you. Deal with your emotions and your relationship problems as they occur so you won't feel the need to use food as your faithful friend.

I dont deal with this issue but I know there are a lot of folks out there that does. I dont eat based on emotion because I am always eating. I have realized since I like to eat all day. Healthy snack and small meals all day is what makes me feel better thaen eating 3 square meals daily.

I am slowly learning that weight loss and education is a hand and hand concept. One of the most important things that I have learned is don't give up favorite foods. Learn moderation. I read labels and learn about some of the ingredients that I eat. If I am what I eat, I want to know what I eating.

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This was a good...because so many of us do not even know we are addicted to food. Thanks for this info.