Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Skin Care

I need to find someone that can cornrow. I suck!!!!! I have been keeping my hair braided up and wearing my preventative styles. Not bad so far. I oil my hair and do pre-poos. I dont have issues with it growing. It will grow. Too fast if you ask me. I have huge issues with it being dry. The side effect of being dry is shedding. The pre-pooing is working a lot. All I do is use a cheap conditioner with a oil mixture. I sleep in it over night with a plastic cap. Then wash and condition the next morning. After that I sit under the dryer with a oiled scalp. I can't forget that I apply my protein and moisturizer. I braid it and throw on my half wigs.

At first, I have my relaxers out from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks. Since I am cornrowing my hair, I have stretched out relaxers even further since I am braiding my hair up.

As for my skin care, UGHHHHH!!! I am getting soooo frustrated. The older I get the more products irritates my skin. I have realized that strong doses of Salicylic Acid is to harsh for my face. I did buy a REALLY expensive soap thinking that would work lovely on my skin. Well, I had to deal with a burning face for the whole weekend and my face looked inflamed. Ok, you can stop laughing now. After getting my face back together, I LOVE the skin tone but using that stuff for 2 days burned the hell out of my skin. Let me tell you my face was on fire but my complexion seems to be more even now. Most Black woman deal with uneven tone, This stuff seemed to do what it was meant to do but it was just too strong for my face. I cant remember the name of it. I have to run upstairs and see. I will get back atcha with that one.

I still take my vitamins and drink my water. I am still having issues with getting my protein in. I have to find a protein shake that is good to my taste buds. Man, that stuff is gross. Any suggestions?????

Ok, well I better go I have two more post to catch up and then I am done for the day.

See ya in a minute. I like to make multiple posting to make it easier on the eyes.



Have you tried Castille Soap? It is gentile, and makes your skin soft and clears up break outs and uneven tones.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Castille Soap??? I have to check that one out. Thanks!!!