Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All about my pregnancy with my 6 yr old

After I had Michael, I was told that I should try to have another baby by my physician because she didnt see anything physically stopping me. So after getting my clearance, I thought about it and we finally decided that it was time to have a baby.

At first, I was having issues concerning my womanhood. I mean I lost my first child. I had a feeling of being a failure at motherhood. That really wore me down. When I was pregnant with Mikey, I was working full-time as a Manager at Picture People; a portrait studio. When I lost Mikey, I decided that I was not ready to go back to work with babies yet. So, I resigned my position. My husband told me to stay home as long as I needed. I thought it was a GREAT idea at first. Then I sat at home for a few months...alone. I HATED it. So I got me a job. It was kinda funny. One day the hubs came home and I told him I had a job interview. He looked at me like I was crazy. He didnt know I was looking for a job. I got the job working for a medical pre-cert company.

Anyway, So at this point its August and still no pregnancy. Four months and nothing.


Well then I went back to the GYN to find out why was I not getting pregnant. When I got married, I got pregnant the first time with no problems. Now, nothing. She had me charting and taking temps. I had to come in for cervical swabs to see if I was ovulating. I was even on clomid; fertility medication. But nothing. Finally, I came on my period and it wouldn't go off. I had a period from the end of December until March. Finally, she referred me to the a specialist. I was diagnosed with PCOS. Poly-Cystic Ovarian Symdrome. Leman terms...My body produce too much testosorone. It didnt break down sugars, I didnt ovulate on a regular basis, and prone to high blood pressure, obesity, and hair loss. That is just a short list of issues. I have to post about PCOS later

So finally I said God I give up. I put this in your hands and if you want me to be a mother again you will provide. Mind you mentally I was a basket case. I was feeling less of a woman because I just could not get pregnant. It was taking a toll on me. Soon as I said I give up.


Bam, I had ANOTHER period but this time I am passing clots the size of baseballs and larger. I was on my way to the emergency room because the pain had me on my knees. I had my poor husband terrified. I asked him to help me lay down and when I get a little more rest we could go to the doctor. Finally after hours, I was able to get some sleep. When I woke up, I felt fine. I called the doctor. She told me if I am still have any issues at all come in right away but I felt totally better.

So a month later, My husband is preparing to graduate from college and I felt sick. Something told me to take a pregnancy test but after months and months of trying I was sick of testing.

Rewind real quick...Doctor told me to take this medication after I called her that day to regulate my period. She also put me on a Diabetic medication to help me out as well. (you will see why this info is import in a minute. I'm sorry I suck at story telling) She told me on the fifth day of taking this medication my period would start. Mind you I haven't had a normal cycle in a year. So not having a period wasn't unusual. She made me an appointment to give me a higher dose.

So finally I got my test. It was positive. When I read the positive, I jumped on my bed like a child and was jumping and crying and crying and jumping. I will never forget this day. When I found out my husband was at graduation rehearsal. I wanted to surprise him so I post a letter on the front door addressed to him. Once he opened the door, he looked at me eyes wide open. He asked if I was serious. I told him yes and he was soooo happy.

The next day I called my doctor and told her that I tested pregnant. She pissed me off because she said she didn't want to see me until the end of the month because I could miscarry. I wanted to punch that chick in her mouth. Did she not realize what I went through to get pregnant. Needless to say I canceled that appointment.

Well anyway, Monday after my husband's graduation I said the heck with this. I am not risking a thing. I called a High Risk OB and made an appt. When I went in, it was true I was indeed pregnant. Get this I was pregnant when I was taking the meds to induce my period. This drug that was supposed to help me, could have caused my body to abort my baby. But my doctor said that he believes that the diabetic medication may have saved my baby.

This pregnancy was closely watched because of Mikey. I was in and out the doctor all the time. By the time I got to the third trimester, I was in the hospital every other day for check ups. Well finally, my doctor scheduled my c-section but before I went in I had to have a amino. He wanted to look at lung development. When I was on the table, I was NERVOUS! I was a nervous wreck this whole pregnancy because I didn't want to bury another baby. All of a sudden the Doctor said I had to have this baby NOW. I had no fluids in there for the baby. I walked over that day and had my baby.

It was the most scary situation ever. Remember I didnt find out that I lost Mikey until I went into labor. When I was on the c-section table, my poor husband was having issues. He was hyperventilating because he saw them cutting on me.

Then all over a sudden I heard this baby cry. We cried and cried. All of a sudden they said Mrs XXX we cant waste time. Your baby is having issues with breathing and he needs to go to NICU ASAP. God are you trying to kill me is all I could think. I was cleaned up and went back to the recovery room. Hours went by and I haven't seen my baby yet. Family has but not me. I was still looked up to meds and equipment. Not to mention, I was numb chest down. Mentally, I was drained. Finally, I said I was walking to see my baby. I didnt care about any stitches or monitors I was hooked up to. But as soon as I said that the nurse came in with Matthew Aaron.

Matthew Aaron means Exulted Gift from God. He was truly my gift. Now he is 6 years old turning seven the week before christmas. He is walking around looking like he is about 9 or 10. He is my tall baby that is embarrassed to kiss his mommy when she drops him off to school. The next Karate Kid and reads a book like no other. =)

Now, You are going to die when I tell you about the girls. This one is amazing as well.

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Wow I could imagine how nervous you were, thank God your son was okay. Very good story