Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am not that strict

I was sitting talking to another parent from my oldest school and felt like a big ole mean mama. I am one of those mothers that think that educating the mind is one of the most important things in this life time. There is nothing worse than a ignorant lil child. I am truly not trying to be mean but children are sponges and we have to take advantage of this well they are young.

With that being said, we were talking about homework and being in the first grade. I believe that learning does not end at school. I also believe that parents can not depend on teachers to educate your child. It is only so much they can do before its time for the parents to step in somewhere. I dont care what the education level of the parents are. If you know you as a parent didnt have, you need to make sure your child has. Some may say that its judgmental but as a Black woman I know the importance of education. I already have 2 strikes against me; being a woman and black. I can't let me not being educated get in the way. I am also one that dont agree with college isnt for me. No one said go get you a degree. There are other options out there for you to educate your mind.

Anyway, I am running off at the mouth again. So, anyway I told her that whether the teacher gives homework or not. My children has homework EVERY time. Whether it be writing, reading, educational games, or something. They are going to do something at home educational going on. I am not a mean mama. Shoot my 6 yr old has a PS2. BUT, he knows its no games until I get my work out of him. Is that really mean?? I am also a mother that had my son learn about the president. I even let him sit up and look at the elections elections night. I think that education doesnt have to be boring. It can be actually be fun. While I am teaching him at home, I am also learning myself. I use all the tools I can find to help them.

That woman looked at me like I was crazy. Its not going to stop be from being who I am nor stop me from making my children do a lil work but wow! I didnt realize I was a sourpuss. :(



That is not being a mean mom. Teaching your children outside of the classroom is good, your right it is up to the parent to teach the children as well. Your children will thank you later for having a firm hand on their education.

mr. nichols said...

i don't think it's being mean either. i think more parents should take your approach and be active in their child's education rather than letting society/television raise them.

"There is nothing worse than a ignorant lil child." <-- indeed.