Friday, September 4, 2009

My hair regimen revisited

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Since I washed my hair last night, I wanted to share what exactly I do to my hair with the products that I use.

I wash my hair at least twice with very warm water and Fastasia IC high intensity with Aloe shampoo to open my pores. Then I follow with my conditioner, Fastasia IC Super Concentrated One minute intensive treatment conditioner. I dye and relax my hair so I need a intense conditioner. I then sit under the dryer with a plastic cap for 5 to 10 minutes on high. Sometiems longer depending on how my hair feels and what I am doing. If I am on the computer, I lose track of time. Then I rinse my hair with cold water. I rinse with cold water because I do not want to lose the conditioning that I just apply with opening my pores again. I make sure that get ALL the conditioner out because my hair doesnt need the extra protein. Remember your hair will break with too much conditioner and protein as well.

I usually do all on Friday nights because I do have a relaxer (I have 3 small kids I dont have a night life anymore) and I wrap my hair with QP elastic wrap mousse and let it dry over night. I also do my hair on the weekend because doing it this way I have the extra time to do all that I do to my hair. The next morning once my hair is dry, I brush and grease my scalp with Dr. Miracle's Feel It Formula Hot Gro Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner and then comb through Motion's Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil. Once I am done with that I sit under the dryer with a plastic for about 5 to 10 minutes again. Just to get the oils soaked into my scalp. Then I will wrap my hair back up.

During the week I have protective styles that allows me to keep it wrapped up with minimal stress of combing and heat. Daily I do spitz my ends with my Motion's oil(very little. I spray a little in my hair and massage on my ends. Remember the ends of your hair is your driest part of the hair.) Then usually on Wednesday I will give my shea butter treatment. I warm the shea butter (to manipulate easier) and then add my olive oil. I then massage my scalp for at least 5-15 minutes. Finally return to my wrap. Usually I do not need any more oil until my wash day but sometime in the winter I have to add a day in there for greasing my scalp again.

, I realized that co-washing and pre-pooing is too much moisture for my sensitive scalp and I do not do it anymore. I wash my hair every 7 days. I relax it every 8-10 weeks. I am going to try to extend my relaxer until 12 weeks this time around. I think my relaxer is about 3 to 4 weeks old right now.

I try to keep my regiment as simple as I can because...well I am too busy and lazy to spend too much time in my hair. I will be looking for a stylish soon to cut my hair. I want to cut all my dead ends or split ends. I did it myself last time but that was just too much work. Remember I am all about the simple.

Best of luck with your regiment. Remember your hair may be different from mine. It may require something totally different. One thing that I have learned over the years is that if you find a product that works, stick to it. Try to use the product for at least a month before changing. Well there are times that you just know the product isnt for you, then by all means switch it up. But other than that, give the product a try. Also, you don't always need the most expensive product on the market. When using hair products, don't forget to read the label. Try to avoid products with alcohols. Especially products that has alcohol as one of the first few ingredients. That means its one of the main ingredients. When I lived near a great stylish, she told me if I HAD to relax my own hair with try to avoid bases that contain calcium. It causes build-up and cause your hair to shred at the root. For the life of me, I can not remember the relaxer I use. When I remember I will update you. Always Always deep condition your hair if you dye or relax your hair with a creme conditioner with heat and plastic cap. If you dont not own a hood dryer, put a towel in the dryer then apply on top of your plastic cap. If you dont want to buy a plastic cap use one of your walmart shopping bags. RECYCLE and REUSE! :)

Also, take your vitamins and drink your water. Your hair needs moisture but not just from the outside. Your body and hair needs hydration. Go to the dollar store and get you a big ole water bottle. Freeze the water overnight and then you will have your water through out the day. Last time I looked my dollar store had a cute 64oz water bottle. That is perfect for your hydration needs. Until next time.




I agree keep the reggie simple. I am going to try that Fantasia IC, I did not know they made so many products. Your regimen sounds pretty good.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

I kept with it because it gave my hair a nice shine. My mother bought it while she was here and I tried it.