Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am I allow to say

....I'm tired.

Well I am. I find myself always having a long to-do list. I dont remember the last time that I was able to take some me time. I mean it wasnt as bad when Mike was home but now its getting to me.

What am I going to do? I'm going to keep this party going. I have 3 little people counting on me. So I better get over it and move on.

THANK GOODNESS my week doesn't consist of running back and forth to appointments. I think for the past two weeks that's allI had to do and my free time when everyone is at school was stolen.

I am really not asking for sympathy. I just needed to say that I am tired. I wont tell my husband. I don't want him worried about me. He already feels bad that his careers keeps him from home A LOT. I don't want him to feel bad about taking care of his family. I am thankful that God sent me such an amazing man that goes out there everyday and bust his butt for me and the kids. After talking to some people recently, everyone doesnt have a man that I have been blessed with.

Ok, let me get up from this computer and get clothes ready for the week, bath the kids and get them ready for bed, clean kitchen, Finish throwing my last load in the drier, fold my last 3 load, and then hit the book. Can't forget stare at my phone until it rings with my hubbs on the other end. Oh and I am saving putting them clothes away until tomorrow.

I know I am forgetting. OHHHHHH Matthew's homework. No, there is something else. It will come to me.

Well talk to you tomorrow!!!! I think I have an interested topic I started it but its going to take some thinking about to get my thoughts and words together.



Yes you are allowed to say your tired. Honey, you are busy. I understand you completely and mom's need someone to talk to also. Hopefully, when your husband gets back you will be able to get your me time.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

I told him that I am going to check into a hotel ALONE and just sit. No TV maybe some wine but I just want to hear the sweet sound of nothingness.

HA! I will probably drive myself batty and come on home.