Saturday, September 12, 2009

Radio Topic...What do you think??

Say if you are dating this guy and one of his male friends buy you a pair of shoes, would you accept those shoes? and vice versa, If a guy you know is in a relationship would you buy him random gifts.


If he aint my man, he dont get/give gifts. And what do I look like buying a man gifts that is in another relationship. If I find out a chick is buying my husband gifts like that, we will have issues. OHHH, yes will have issues.  SOOOOO, make me understand when this situation is ok. We are not talking family or close friends of holidays and birthdays neither. I dont even know that I would understand a close friend buying stuff like that neither. Then again, we dont have close friends in the opposite sex like that.


EmberRose said...

It would be ok for a woman to buy my husband a gift if:

They had known each other for a while (like worked together for 6 months)

He had really helped them out in a crunch

If someone is struggling with a car repair and DH fixes it for them; please do give a gift. His time is valuable and the time my husband is on land and isn't with me is very precious indeed.

If I've been working with someone or I just plain know someone and they're going through a rough time I might get them something small but it'd be on sale or something like that.

I hate to see someone suffer so if I can perk them up by getting something at little or no cost to me it's no big deal.


Girl I was thinking the same thing. I was like HELL NO! What do I look like getting some dude a gift? And I would not accept a gift from anther man if I am in a relationship, the ish is just disrespectful.