Monday, September 14, 2009

I got beef....

Friday at karate practice a fellow mother and friend approached me asking if I received a call from the school. I had no idea what she was talking about. She said that she received a automated call from the school stating to check our email address for a very important message. She said that she over heard her neighbor saying...hold on let me copy and paste the letter. I am a lil pissed right now.

On 10 Sep 09, an unknown white male, driving a blue in color sedan attempted to entice a student into his vehicle while she walked home from XXX Elementary School. The unknown person made this attempt by offering the child to pet a puppy and by telling the child her parents told him to pick her up from school. The incident occurred on XXX Ave near XXX Ave. The child was able to elude this individual.

2. UCSDIDC was notified of this incident and is currently conducting an investigation into the matter. Further, the Military Police have been notified and have posted a “Be on the Lookout” for the suspect vehicle.

I am guess the neighbor also heard through the rumor mill.

First of all, I never got the call. Secondly, I got the letter in my email today. A few minutes ago. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!!! I pick my child up from school. I also teach him about strangers. But for the parents that recieved the call, Why call and scare them. Because the email just came out today. The phone call was Friday. That is nerve wrenching to know that their is a dude out there is F@#$ing with folks kids.

I will be going to the school today. I will be expressing my concern.

So Please Please Please talk to your children about strangers and the dangers there of.

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Wow...that is scary!!!!! Yeah and why are you just now getting the email? That serious they are f'ing with peoples kids. Let me tell you I am overly protective when it comes to kids. To me everyone is a predator. I don't know why I am like that and I don't even have kids!!! So I can imagine what you feel.