Friday, September 25, 2009

My spider bite update

 Please ignore my toes!!!!!

Since I am sitting here like a mental patient, I figured that I should fill you in. Yesterday, I didnt pay too much attention to my spider bite. I took some benedryl and moved on. Well 3am I woke up with this pain so bad I thought about chopping my own leg off. So I ended up in the hospital. The doctor and nurses shown great concerned freaked out when they saw my leg because it was that bad. I have all my meds.Still in some pain but not to the point as earlier this morning. I should have taken my butt to the hospital ASAP buutttttt NOOOOOO! Well I am going to lay down for a minute. Enjoy your weekend.

See Journee I stole your style. LOL



Awww....I am happy you got that treated before it got worse. Oh no that spider did bite you right on the tat...if I see him in my parts he is going to get it! Please take care...and I hope your leg gets better soon.


Nice tat by the way.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Thank You! I am getting there. Tat is jacked up right now. I am a lil perturbed. LOL. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.