Thursday, September 17, 2009

A personal skin care challenge

Since I am challenging myself with hair care I am going to follow suit with my skin.

I havent worn make up daily in a while. I actually dont plan to neither. I may wear lip gloss on a regular basis but that's about it. I want to let my skin breath. I have found some skin care products that work for me. I main to follow this regiment for 2 months as well to see how my skin turns out and then change it up if need be.

I wash my face with Olay Sensitive Skin wash with Aloe 2x's a day
Moisturize with Pond's dry skin cream. When needed but at least 2x's a day
I cleanse with Olay astrigent nightly
Weekly, I may use a mint mask or facial scrub.
When I wear makeup I use Ponds cold cream. Works great for me since most brands burn my skin.

After the two months, I want to see my skin condition and if the products I am using helps. I am a product junkie. I never stick to one thing so this will going to be hard for me.

Wish me luck and maybe you can find the challenge in yourself.

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Good luck, Olay products are really good.