Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aint this bouta.....

Ok, I go to the doctor yesterday because the swelling in my leg and foot was off the chain. I couldn't even wear certain flip flops. Well, the doctor told me bed rest. I am risking a lot of tissue damage if I dont. Mind you have have 3 small kids and do this single mother thing for a minute. I got a shot of an antibiotic in the butt and I have to get my prescription for a diuretic. Of course all of this happens when my husband is gone. I got the man so damn nervous. I elevated my leg above the heart all night. Let me tell you what uncomfortable sleep that was but the swelling went down a lot. I guess I will be hammering out my blog topics for the rest of the week..

LOL, any request???

As always much love

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Wow, that spider must have done a job on your leg.