Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My birthday reflections

I have made it to see 32 years on this earth. What a ride!!! Through my journey thus far, I have learned so much. Surprising!!! When you think of it, 32 years isn't long at all when it comes to life lessons. I have grown physically and mentally. I remember when I was so carefree without a care in the world. Now, my greatest fears are surrounding my beautiful children...My family. One of the greatest lesson I have learned is to walk with and lean on God. He will never fail me. I am learning myself. I have also recognized that in my life I did things for the shear pleasure of the thrill. I have also found myself in search of approval. I am growing to know that everyone wont like me and being so carefree isn't always that fun.

Everyone wont approve of what I say or do. I have to be happy from within and remember that what others reactions turn out to be are at the hands of my acceptance. I can only let people affect my life and my actions if I allow them to. I still work to please some. I will always. My Mom and Dad are two people that I strive to make proud. I appreciate the life they gifted to me with Gods guidance. It feels so good to hear my parents say how proud they are of me. Even though, I believe my parents love is so strong that I dont have to do much for them to be proud. And I tell you, I made my parents work growing up. I was a difficult child to say the least. My children and my husband, my actions are always with them in mind. Like my parents, my husband pride shines when it comes to me. I think that is one of the reasons I love that man so much. If I take the trash out. He will brag that HIS wife is amazing because she can lift that heavy bag of trash. LOL!!! Now, whats not to love. I have children that reflect the innocence in life. They are so smart. So willing to explore and learn. I know that my actions will reflect in them throughout their lives. I try hard to do good by them.

I don't dread my birthday. I actually get excited. Why? Because when I woke up this morning (and all previous years) and reflected on my life, I realized that everything I am and do is because of the graces of my God. I pray that God allows me to see another day. In the meantime, I better live it to the fullest. Working on my goals and making moves towards what God intended for me. I am also working on my foul mouth. :)



This was beautifully written. Happy B-Day!!!!

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Thank you!