Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ok so I said I wasnt going to blog but

I have to say this. Whining ass adults get on my nerves. Damn, Man the hell up. You situation isn't worst than nobody else. Half the time no one really cares about your damn situation anyway. Sorry but I am just annoyed with people I have encountered lately with their damn juvenile whining. My mama always told me that you should be thankful for what God has given you because there is always someone out there with a story that is more heartbreaking than yours. Especially when your story isnt even worth opening your mouth about.

Have you ever met someone that every time you talk to them they have a sad ass story for you? They want you to pity them and their situation. No one has a worse time in life than them. Well today I am going to take a stand. I won't be mean (tell them to shut the shit up) but I am going to start telling people that their situation isn't the end of the world. If they keep speaking negativity to their lives then they enjoy the negative situation.

SIGHHHH!!!! I feel so much better digressing. HA!!! If you think about it this is my pity adult bitch and moan session...I mean whining.



I know exactly how you feel. Like I can understand people having a few bad days and needing to get some steam off their chest, but I can't stand when every time you talk to them it is the same story. I quit entertaining people like that. I say a few positive things then leave the convo alone. Last week, I told my friend DEAL WITH IT! It's not going to change, it will never change, so get over it. Focus on changing your damn attitude instead of someone elses! LOL.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Love it. I think that people tend to come to me because I usually listen and not talk. People tend to assume that I don't mind listening to their problems.

I think that I need to start saying something because I am not a training counselor. An occasional Dana listen to this...Girl I cant believe....F my life complaints are welcome but when all you do is complain/whine I don't want to hear it.

I am trying to take the more direct approach with people because they tend to think that I am a push over.

SOOOOOO, Heres my stand. If someone genuinely needs to talk to me, advice, or even a listening ear I am here like always. If it becomes a cycle, I will let you know. Help comes in many different forms. Sometimes my help will come with "Put your big girl draws on and deal with it". Life was never guaranteed to be easy.