Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Not Cute!!!!

Black Baby Doll named "lil monkey"When I lived in North Carolina, I was a Costco shopper. This store will be added to the stores that I will not shop at anymore.

I was a Big Barnes and Noble shopper as well...No more.

I know that the world is filled with racism and bigotry but I will not knowingly give my money to companies that clearly disrespect my heritage.



You know what? That kind of stuff pisses me off. It's like who ever made that doll either was trying to under handedly diss black people or forgot to THINK before they made it. It's so stupid. Why didn't they make a white doll called "Little Monkey"? I bet they didn't did they? Don't get me going on that stuff, because I won't be able to stop. Anyways, what makes them think a black little girl would want to play with a doll like that, that is made in her image? What kind of thoughts and beliefs are they trying to instill in little girls. Oh yeah, I know they want us as black woman to grow up believing we are ugly monkey's with NO self-esteem.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

They will want us to stop being so racially sensitive.....Ughhh!!!