Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My vision board ideas- the top ten

In no particular order 2010-2011

1. Buying a house

2. Creating my business plan and move forward

3. Finish my degree-Obtaining my Masters

4. Stronger connection with my faith-I want to find a church that I feel like its an extension of my home

5. New Car-I want one of those and I am going big. I deserve it. I have been modest for years.

6. Vacation tradition-Need these on a regular

7. Less Computer time. More mind exploring not sitting at a desk

8. Grow as a mother-Can only get better

9. Grow as a wife-Can only get better

10. Weed out people that isn't headed in the same direction as me. Develop productive and healthy friendships. 

11. Bonus: Work on my fear of failure. 

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Sounds like a good list to me.