Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can't just stop at wanting...expand your vision..

Now that you know what your goals. How are you going to obtain them? What's the sense in making a plan when you don't know how to start and work on that plan. Which making mini-goals are very valuable. Determine which goals are long-term and which can be obtained in a shorter amount of time. Write out how you are going to obtain these goals. Keep a journal on the progress.

I honestly have to say that I have not read anything in a book. I was motivated to get back in my my grind by looking at others working hard towards their goals. I tend to start things but not complete them because I just get bored or not focused. Well that is over. I am doing this with the guidance of God. I know that I will do this this time.

1. Buying a house

I want to buy a home but I have to wait and see where my husband career is going to take us within the next year or two. Which means that I can start saving and exploring my credit. I am in the preparation stage for purchasing a home.

2. Creating my business plan and move forward

Creating my business plan this isn't a long term project but I want to start on this when I finish my classes in two weeks. I want to be able to concentrate on this without the distractions of my school work. I will be spending a lot of time in Starbucks with my journal and jotting down my ideas in order to create my business plan.

3. Finish my degree-Obtaining my Masters

I will be putting my application in for school in the next few weeks. I want to finish my classes first. I am applying for the Spring semester. I have already decided what school I am going to so all I have to do is my application and get accepted.

4. Stronger connection with my faith

I have been going to the chapel here on post but it really does suck. I will be exploring more with churches looking until I find a nice fit. I can start this as soon as Sunday. Right??

5. New Car

The new year is when I can going to go out and look for my car. Well my husband is going out to look for my car. I rather have him here to help. He loves cars and anything to do with cars.

6. Vacation tradition-

Already started planning for this. Our next vacation will be around Christmas. Now all I have to so is plan for 2010's vacation.

7. Less Computer time.

I love the computer. I am not a TV person so my outlet is the computer. I go to school on the computer. I find myself on the computer during most my free time. No more. I have limited myself on the computer. I know that I have to do my school work but all other stuff will not be a priority.

8. Grow as a mother

This one is going to be hard for me because I have to find where I am slacking and improve. I think I will get my kids feedback. HA!!! 3 and 6 yr old feedback. But I can always find what more can mommy do to make our time together special.

9. Grow as a wife

When he is home, we don't have date night anymore. I think that is one way to improve on our relationship. Time alone is very hard for us but its needed. Shoot, that is what I asked my mom for for least 4 hours of babysitting.

10. Weed out people that isn't headed in the same direction as me. Develop productive and healthy friendships.

I am actively doing this now. If they are not looking to better themselves then I really don't need that friendship. One thing I have learned over the years is that you do not want to be the smartest person in your group. Why? Because what do you have to grow towards. Your friends should want you to do better. If you are the smartest in the group, you have nothing to work towards. Sometimes you are dumming yourself up to get on their level. Offensive maybe but why would you want to surround yourself with people not wanting to do more, be more, see more.

11. Bonus: Work on my fear of failure.

My business plan and moving forward will help with this. I cant be afraid that I will fail. Failure is not finding out if I am capable in the first place.

12. Personal Mental and Physical Health

This sort of branches off of the "me" time. I need to be able to have some "me" time at least one day per week for at least an hour. Adding more time when I can. I need time to reflect and nourish myself. I have started that and actively working on "me" time.

Being physically healthy hasn't been one of my priorities lately. I have been trying to work on that. I have gone back to making detailed menus for my family; breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks and a dessert. This can be hard for some people but it can really save you on time, waist line and money.

I will be updating these things on my blog as I grow. I can not become my potential if I don't progressively work on it.

Wish me luck!!

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Honey you are track, I have no doubt that you will get these things done! You can do it!