Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why are you dumbing yourself for your friends.

 I may have talked about this before but I heard it again and thought I should talk a little about it.

I heard this on the radio. I was intrigued. Michael Baison (I think that's the dude name) asked why are people surrounding themselves with dumb people. Why aren't people looking for friends that challenge their intellect. He said never be the smartest person in your crew. You will find yourself dumbing up because there is no potential to live up to.

I believe that he's right. Everyone should keep people in their circle that encourages you to do better. Not saying that your friendship should be about competition but associate yourself with people that compliment your potential. Does that make sense??? The topic isn't saying to restrict yourself from friends that aren't as smart, not lets not say smart but as motivated, as you. 

Try it. Maybe you will see a benefit....

I loved that topic.



Thats a good question. You know what I think one of the problems is? People grow up with certain friends and each person matures and they develope different interest. Some friends advance further than others,however, they still try to remain friends even though they are "unequally yoked" as friends. It's good to roll with people that are trying to be something!


I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday and a blessed New Year!