Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am at peace and I am happy

For the first time in a long time...

I am actually happy. I mean giddy happy. I now realize before I did this big reform of myself I was finding myself getting in this rut of feeling like life was passing me by. I mean I was getting a lot accomplished but I couldn't see it. People would get me down knowing that I usually dont allow that mess. 

My own Aunt called me bi-polar because I wouldn't allow her to lie and gossip to me about my own bother and father. Then I realized that sometimes even family you have to let go. I told her not to call/email me with nonsense. I don't have time for it.

My in-laws.....I dont understand them. Dont know what makes them tick but I also learned that I dont have time for it. 

I also realized that I cant fight other people's battles. I am also learning that selfishness and jealousy is just as bad of a disease as cancer. 

Friends would bog me down with their problems....

I have come to a point where I see that rainbow again. I am happy and I also realized that I have to stand up and stop letting people walk over me because I rather keep peace than to just put them in their place. There is so much that I have found inside potential that I let welt away. I think part of it was because of the "keep peace" attitude within my life.  I was trying to maintain peace at all cost with all situations. I also feel that I got too comfortable with being a mother. I forgot about me the individual. I forgot about my needs. I am learning that I am a even better mother when I take better care of myself.

As I open my eyes to all of this, do you know that my blessing are amazing lately. I cant say that I wasn't a blessed woman before all of this but I can honestly say that I can appreciate all the blessings that God has and continue to gift me. 

I am learning myself again. I am loving what I am learning. I am loving what I am seeing.

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It's wonderful that you are at this place in your life. It seems like you made the right choices about where you stand with certain situations, and the pay off was great! You now are happy and have a piece of mind! There is nothing greater!