Friday, December 11, 2009

Maybe I just dont know how to be a friend....

A friend from back in 10th grade found me on facebook. It was great to get back in touch with her. But I think that I can't do the friendship....Am I a bitch? The only time she calls me is when negative stuff happen in her life. Don't get me wrong my heart goes out to her but dang.


1. Yesterday I get a text at 7:00 something in the morning. She told me she is in the hospital and to call her. (Appendicitis)
2. Her Mother in law passed. She was in the final stages of cancer.
3. She had a upper respiratory infection
4. Car accident.

The list keeps going. I don't get happy calls just calls like this. I really feel for her. I do but why all the negativity. I do talk to her. I try to be a listening ear but its draining dealing with someone's issues especially when I have issues on my own. God forbid if I am dealing with stuff because her issues will be more pressing than mine. She makes a point of it.

Am I being a bitch? 

I know that she is reaching out to me to rekindle our friendship but I just don't know....

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In my personal opinion. It seems like you are a great friend.

I do see your point. It is very draining to deal with someone that is so negative. Especially if you two just started being friends again, she needs to slow down a little bit. I'm sure you have your own stuff you have to deal with, before taking on someone elses problems. She should be a good friend and realize she should not call you with so much negativity.