Monday, March 29, 2010

Frustration...maybe even madness

Yesterday evening I went to pull my car back in the garage to make room for my lawnmower. I couldnt get the key in the ignition. No lights No noise No nothing. I figured that the battery may have died but I wasnt sure since I wasnt able to get the key in the ignition. I have one of those cars that dont need the key in the ignition to start but has to be near the car. When it didnt respond to that I was blown. I was to fit to be tied. I was frustrated. It seems that every time my husband leaves something goes wrong with my car. Not to meniton I just purchased this car in February. It would be simple enough to put the car in neutral and ask my neighbor for a jump but the shift is in lock position. I cant get the sucker to move. Well I was determined that I wasnt going to try to take the battery out and get in a cab to go to the auto parts store. Which left me with the option of spending 55 bucks to get the local tow company to help me out. Of course it started and I had to drop my son off at school a hour late. Looking at what he did, I know that I could have done that myself.

There was a shift lock release....GRRRRR!!!

Well I do have to say that after I did let it run for a while, dropped my son off to school and then drove over to the auto part school to test the battery it was strong and recharged. I didnt have to buy a battery. I was excited about that especially since the guy told me that if I did need a battery I needed a special one because of what my battery powers in the truck. So I was allll excited about having a power EVERYTHING truck to be actually disappointed that this thing will be costing me a pretty penny when I need a new battery.

 I have to thank God for not being out and about though. I was safe at home and I have a GREAT local repair shop in the neighborhood that came out 10 minutes after I called.

Thank you God!
Thank you Tom and Tony  Auto Repair for being so fast and friendly
Thank you Joe at the auto parts store. Cant remember the name of the place. But Joe was really easy on the eyes. =)



Unexpected car troubles are the worse!!!!! Lol, but like you said at least you were at home and not in some dark alley somewhere (that happened to me once), luckily (which I knew was God) some guy with a big truck just happened to be park next to me and he gave me a jump. :-) Maybe he was an angel. LOL.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Yes, He was an Angel...Maybe God!

Once, My battery died in the parking lot of Target while my son was about to get out of school (across town). The girls were barely walking. I am in tears. This nice young man at sears walked with me to Target gave be a jump told me to go get my son and come back to buy a new battery. He was truly my angel because if I didn't have him. I wouldn't know what I was going to do.


That was so nice of him!!!! When people do thoughtful things like that it helps me realize that good does exist in this world.