Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The hubby outlook on my new hobby.

He is all for me finding things to entertain me while he is gone. I mean when he comes home this summer, he will be preparing to leave again. I need something to keep me sane while he is gone but he advised me ever so hubby like...he said "Look, you realize that we are moving AGAIN right?" Yes bay I realize that. "Well dont be shopping too much since you insist on not using movers. You will not be breaking my back...Do you remember last time?" Yes, I remember last time. Soooooo, I guess I will slow down because I was headed for consignment shopping like a craze woman with a mission. 

So, I digress and start with new lamps. I redecorated everyone's room and now we all need new lamps and the kids need new side tables. That's easy right? Well that is what I am going to start next. Man, I am excited. I have a side table and chest of drawers for my son. I am going to paint it and give it a new appeal. It is actually This End Up side table and chest of drawers from when I was a child that needs a new life.

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