Friday, March 26, 2010

Well how did Thursday go....

Epic Fail. Yep, Didnt get a "me" day. Nope I am not bitter. GRRRRR!! I am in need of a "me" day. I am going to get a "me" day. So let me tell you one example of me needed a "ME" day.

So when I take my girls to ballet yesterday, I freak! HELL, I forgot to sign them up for next month classes. I missed current student registration. Which means that their spots are open for enrollment. I run over to registration window. In a slight panic I joke with one of the people that work there and ask him "WHY OH WHY didnt you remind me about registration. You know that I am in need of assistance". We joked and laughed about it. Guess what, There classes were filled. Even Matthew Tae Kwon Do. SHHHHIIITTTT, what am I going to do. My kids are going to be soooo disappointed. Then I found a class for the twins but Tae Kwon Do...NOPE. 

I knew that if I wanted to add Matthew to the class I had to talk to the Sensai. So I went home. Since Tae Kwon Do isnt until later that evening, I had time to kick myself repeatly in my ass for being sooooo flightly. 

Now its time to go to practice. I talk to Eric (the Sensei...Instructor) and he said that I was able to add Matthew to the class for next month. THANK GOODNESS. So I went back to talk to the lovely people at registration to have him added. All of a sudden, I noticed the young lady behind the desk get flustered. She told me that matthew was already in the class. He was signed up on the 15th of the month. I asked her if she was sure. Then I told her I signed the girls up earlier that day but couldnt sign Matthew up because the class was filled. I went to grab my reciept and showed her that I indeed didnt sign Matthew up. Then something told me to look in my wallet and look over last month receipt after a big ole conversation with everyone that worked there. I mean I get a free class if I didnt pay for it already because if he already in the class. Now that rocks.

WELL GUESS WHAT.....I did sign the kids up for their classes. I just forgot. Everyone laughed it off. They reminded me that I was in school, had twins and my husband was gone. I am allowed to have a flighty moment. In my head I was hoping my checking account felt the same way. Thats a lot of money to be forgetful with. Lucky, I didnt hurt my account and addition to ballet the girls are in gymastics next month.

I need to write stuff down. I tried carrying a pad with notes for reminders. HA HA HA HA, I lost it. So much for that. Gosh, I need a vacation.

The life of a wife of a soldier.......

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Thank God, that they were registered for the classes. I knew that was a big weight lifted off of your shoulders.