Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blahhhh!!! Just saying hello of some sorts.

Ever been sick and angry for no reason.That's me right now. I am sitting here sick and now to add to that discomfort, just mad or better yet a shitty attitude. Why the attitude? Don't know. Well I am hating my statistics class. I'm sick. I miss my husband. This single parent thing sucks ass. Let me tell you. Single parents, WOW!!! You have a tough job.

So anyway, my parents are coming to visit. CANT WAIT! Santa is just about done with shopping. One more layaway to pick up and then its gift wrapping time. Did I tell you that I LOVE layaway at christmas. Outside is decorated. I tree is just about done. I let the kids do it this year. TOO CUTE. I am ready for Christmas and ready to feel better. GOSH!

I have a few cosmetic reviews to do but dont feel like it. I also wanted to share my December shoe selection from ShoeDazzle (No, they dont pay me to advertise. JustFab did but I dont like them). I went to a yard sale for the first time. I did a youtube video about it. I must share. I also have a new facial cleansing routine that I am in love with. So much to share with you but these past few weeks have been kicking my butt. I finally went to the doctor but shit it seems that I am more sick after that visit. I had been pushing off going but my migraines were getting unbearable. Now, no migraines just a cold. A freakin nasty dont want to do anything but complain cold. LOL! See I told you in a mood. Well, I am going to lay back down, drink my juices and get myself together. I just wanted to say hello.  HIIIIII!!!! Talk to you realllll soon. TA TA for know!

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