Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Planning a head-I have challenged myself---FASHION! January

Since I have found a new hobby and love, I want to share my love and even challenge you.

What's this challenge all about? Well, I want to find a celebrity in an outfit, includes shoes and accessories, that I love and I am going to challenge myself to recreate it on a budget. I am thinking that since its the whole assemble, 50 dollar limit!

I will be taking the next few weeks to look for a picture of my celebrity. This will be my Month of January challenge. I have a whole month to create this look. If you want to join me next month, please send me your blog website so I will be sure to feature your blog article.

Why am I waiting so long? Giving you time to recover from the holidays.
Why am I posting so early? To give you time to find a picture.
How can you win? Well, First find your outfit. Then, go shopping BUT make sure that you keep receipts and tags for us to see.

 am also giving a gift to the winner. I have decided what yet but it will be something that is fun and concerning fashion.


1. Find a celebrity dressed in an outfit you will like to recreate
2. Post it on your blog-Send me your link
3. Go Shopping
4. Take pictures of outfits, receipts, and tags
5. Put it on and take pictures of you in it. Post on your blog
6. Come back to Momwifemedaily to vote for the best participant


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