Saturday, December 11, 2010

Since this question was asked I wanted to share some info on a DITY move.

I perfer DITY moves because of my experiences with movers. 

 Where do I find a weight Station?

The easier place to get your truck weighted is a truck stop. Most truck stops or the bigger moving companies have scales. You can also do a search of weight stations . Most post have one nearby or on post even

Is a DITY move easier? 

Depending on the move and what you have to move will determine if it's worth the DITY move. If it's a light move, I say go for it because it's easier and you can earn some spending money. I am a personal fan of DITY moves because one I can make money. Two, I know I am more careful with my personal belongings (I have some stories). Even with a large move, I would go for the DITY move. Remember though, I am partial to a DITY move.

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