Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is it ok to be best friends with an Ex??

This was the subject on the radio the other day. Is it OK for you or your mate to be best friends with an Ex.

In my situation, I don't see the point in being BEST friends with any of my ex's. My husband is my best friend. He honestly is. I believe that a spouse should be in best friend status. That's why we made the commitment of marriage. We are friends and lovers; the total package.  I have my Bff's but my ride or die is my husband.

What about you? Why or why not?


Tasha said...

now being a "BFF" with an ex is over the top (in my opinion)we can be cordial as far as speaking but i don't see that happening, first of all my husband ain't having it...because i'm not either!!!! Some things sometimes are really meant to be left alone!

Mom.Wife.Me said...

When I was listening to the women on the radio, they were all for being best friends with their ex. They really didnt want to touch the subject of their husbands or boyfriends being best friend with their ex.

It IS over the top. I can just imagine what my husband would say if I told him that I wanted to be best friends with so and so.

And concerning my husband, Call me jealous or whatever but if he even part his lips talking about so and so and I are best friends, we will have issues.

My question is, if you cant tell you husband or treat your husband like your best friend, why? Now, I do keep secrets. I mean he doesnt need to know that I bought 3 new pairs of shoes when I said I only NEEDED one new pair. I mean I dont need to be fussed about about "My" goal of saving money. Yeah, I will fuss about saving money and then go right back and mess up. LOL!!!!